Two Minute Tuesdays – Perfection And Niche – It’s Diane and I’m here with another Two Minute Tuesday. This week we are talking about perfection. It comes up a lot. Are you perfect? I know I’m not!

I want you to look at what I’m doing; I’m always talking and talking no matter what. I have one earring on; this isn’t perfect but I’m doing it anyway!

I’m taking uncomfortable action, it’s going to bug me for the next two minutes, but I’m doing it anyway to show you it can be done and it doesn’t hurt. It can be done, so take action, and get uncomfortable. Go outside of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Important Considerations To Understand Perfection

There are three things that I like to say about perfection so here they are:

  1. Is it ever going to be perfect? What are you waiting for? Every time you do a different version of it, is that perfect?
  2. What are you comparing it to, perfect compared to what? If you’re putting something out there to your clients or prospects, or you’re doing some kind of marketing, did they notice the difference? It’s better to take action, so get out there and do it. Sometimes taking imperfect action is necessary, so get out there and be uncomfortable and do it.
  3. What is it costing you not to do it? It’s costing you time, frustration, it’s costing you clients, it’s costing you money. The perfectionism in you; wanting things to be perfect before it’s released, or before you step in, or before you try something. You’re not going to learn from not doing, you’re going to learn from doing.

The whole point of these two minutes today is to get you to take uncomfortable action, to get out there and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Tell me in the comments what you did. If you need help being imperfect, I’m definitely the one to help you!

So, get out there and do your thing, be uncomfortable and take imperfect action. Let’s get out there and be ourselves and produce and you will sell more!

Identifying The Niche

Hi, it’s Diane and I’m here with another Two Minute Tuesday.

Today we are talking about a niche.

What is a niche? Think of a niche as a whole bunch of people who are your ideal clients, all standing together and listening to you. They are people who YOU want to work with and who WANT to work with you. They’re the people who you can serve, and transform, solve their problems, and eliminate their pain; whatever it is you do, that’s your niche.

To speak to your niche you need to speak their language. Not your marketing language, not be a salesperson, not be all ‘salesy’ and pushy. You need to speak their language in a way that they will say, “That person gets me, I want to work with them, they completely understand where I’m coming from.”

If you know your niche and if you’re speaking to your ideal client, they’re going to stop, step up, and want to work with you. That’s how you sell.

If you don’t want to be selling and pushy in marketing then you need to really make sure that your message is on target with your niche. If you’re a fitness coach and you say “I can help you get the body you want in five minutes a day,” you are going to get some questions. “Do you work with women?” “Do you work with young people?” “Is it for athletes?” “If I have bad knees can I work with you?” You can eliminate and actually remove all of those objections if you’re really clear in your marketing.

If you say “I want to work with women over 40, who want to get back their energy, and have a kick-ass body and do it in 10 minutes a day,” those are the people who are going to step up and say this person understands me.

The more you can niche, the more you understand what they are saying, and the more you’re speaking their language, the more customers are going to step up and say I want to work with you. That’s how you sell more.