TWO MINUTE TUESDAYS – GAP AND CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Hey everybody, it’s Two Minute Tuesday and I’m Diane. Today we are talking about GAP and Customer Journey.


Okay here’s the scene, you’re with a prospect and you’ve just told them all about your product, your service, your offer, your brilliance and how you can help them, what the result will be and then all of a sudden you start stumbling and stopping and maybe there’s a moment when you’re not even talking because you just froze. What is going on?

I’m Diane and this is Two Minute Tuesday, today we’re talking about sales transitions.

I call that piece where a lot of people struggle and where people tend to kind of give sales a bad rap because that’s when they feel like they have to be ‘salesy’, pushy, throw the product and money part out there, all of that stuff. But, if you are authentic in what you’re doing, like in the first half when you were authentic and you were talking to them about how you can help them, what you can do and what your service does, so why not continue to be authentic?

Be authentic through the transition part as well. It might seem like such a huge gap to overcome like it’s this mountain that you have to climb, it’s this huge valley that you have to go through to get to the other side. The side where they’re saying yes and giving you money for whatever service or product you have.

It isn’t that big a transition or a gap. If you’re being authentic, continue to be authentic. There’s a way for you to say what you’re doing, how you’re providing a solution, and giving a result and then easily transition into talking about:

  1. What it looks like to work with you
  2. What this means to you
  3. How I’d love to work with you and here’s what that looks like
  4. Let me tell you what it looks like to work with me
  5. Here’s the next step for us
  6. Let me take you through the process of how this all works

Any of those can be the process of the transition. Then you talk about getting them on board.

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If you have ever heard “Yeah I was there but I wasn’t quite sure what to do next” or “Yeah I couldn’t find the button I was looking for, it wasn’t there” or “Yeah I was there, I looked around and it’s beautiful, but I couldn’t figure out where I go next” if you have ever heard those words, stick around, I’ve got three tips for you!

I’m Diane and this is Two Minute Tuesday and we’re talking about the customer journey.

The worst thing you can hear from a prospect is if they were there, but didn’t know what to do. It’s your job as the business owner who brought them there to guide them through a step by step-by-step process, and that roadmap may be familiar to you, however, they have no idea. It’s up to you to guide them through that process. Where I suggest you start is…

Tip #1: At the end!

Start at the very end. What do you want them to do, where do you want them to buy, how do you want them to buy, is there a button that says Buy Now or Click Here, Download Now? That’s what they need to do at the end, and it’s going to be set up straightforward and super easy for them to make the purchase.

Tip #2: Take one step back!

Where were they when they saw that button? Is it they’re getting the content, they’ve downloaded something, whatever it is that’s where they are before they’re going to buy, so what’s there? Make sure that that’s really clear.

Tip #3: How you brought them.

Getting them in and then having them not know what to do is the worst-case scenario. You might as well not even bring them in because now they can’t connect with you, they are trying really hard and they’re getting frustrated.

So, start at the end, make sure they can click to buy, and then what are they getting for that and how are you bringing them in? There are more tips like this in Sales Money Unleashed Facebook group! I’d love to have you join and you’re going to sell more.