Two Minute TuesdaysClarity and Call to Action – Hey everybody, it’s Two Minute Tuesday and I’m Diane. Today we are talking about clarity and a call to action.


Really, it’s clarity and certainty!

When we have real, true clarity, then the people we are speaking to, the ones we know are prospects, the people out there listening, will step up, raise their hand in the air and say, “I want to work with you.”

We talked a little bit about niches before, but this is a step further. Clarity starts with who you’re working with; that is your niche! You need to fully understand who your ideal client is and who you want to work with. This is the art of niching down and making sure you know exactly who you’re speaking to.

Clarity also relates to the message you are putting out there. What do you want to do and in what format do you wish to work?

Do you want to make podcasts, do you prefer to work online, do you love one-on-one sales? Are you interested in supplying to a single business, to many companies, or maybe groups?  How are you providing your information? Is it with online courses or live courses? There are all kinds of things you can offer.

The clearer you are on what you want, who you are serving, and how you’re going to serve them, then those people that you’re marketing to will completely understand who you are and what you’re all about. They will put up their hand and say, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

The more clarity and certainty you have, the better it is for attracting the people that you want to work with. When you’re certain about what you’re offering, your message, your offer, who you’re attracting, the results you’re getting, and the transformation that you’re providing, this will make it not only clear for you to be able to go out and make the offer, but for people to receive that information.

So, let’s make sure you’re really clear, take some time, get focused, and then put that message out there because those people are waiting for you!

Stop! If you’re scrolling, stop, stop, stop; just for a minute, please!

Can you please like, share, and comment? I want you to do something in order to have engagement with this content while you’re here.

Okay, what was that? That was a call to action!

Importance of Call to Action

Today we’re talking about the call to action and why it’s so important to include it in everything you do. Whether it’s a social media post, a video, anything you’re doing right now (perhaps a live feed), or any kind of marketing, there should always be a call to action.
A lot of people think a call to action is simply about buying, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that. In fact, it’s all about stopping people like you or me from continually scrolling, making them stop and viewing content. The main idea is to capture your attention so that you have a better sense of what the post is all about. If you want people to have a clearer picture of what you’re all about, then you need to have some call to action in everything you do. Like, share, save, comment, engage; does this resonate with you? Those are all calls to action.

What other kinds of call to action are there? The ones where people buy? Those calls to action are conversion calls to action. They are the ones that are asking people to buy, download a freebie, or join something.

I’m going to ask you to join my Facebook group, that’s my call to action!

Join Sales Money Unleashed; a Facebook group where we always talk about these types of things.

So, my call to action is that if you resonate with what I’m doing and like what I’m talking about in sales, then my call to action is to like, share, save, or comment.

If this resonates with you, please give me a thumbs-up, but if I want you to do something (purchase my course) then that’s the conversion call to action… so, contact me today!

To recap, always ask for a call to action; ask your current or potential client to do something. If you don’t, the next person they see while scrolling who does ask them to do something may make an offer to your customer that gets a yes.

Always include a call to action, you will have more followers and more clients and you will sell more!