What Our Clients Say

When I first met Diane, I was at a point in my career where I was starting to feel burnt out, uninspired, and contemplating the value of comprising my artistic vision just so I could support my business. Working with Diane, she coached me to see the value in my talent and approach to creative projects, and learn to accept the fact that I would survive if I learned to decline projects that didn’t fulfill my creative vision. Working with Diane helped me learn the true value of my talents and helped me rethink my strategy when working with clients, and to not be afraid to charge what my value truly is.

As a creative professional, there can be a fine line between being creative for the passion of art, and being creative to pay the bills. I had been struggling for a time to find the proper balance, working with Diane has helped me reposition my business where the work I’m creating satisfies the artist inside of me. By eliminating unfulfilling client work, I have found that my business is earning more per project and more importantly, I’m loving what I’m doing again.


Creative Director Platero Visual

I had the pleasure of attending one of Diane’s Sales Training workshops and found her presentation extremely effective and her knowledge of information extensive. I came away from the day with many helpful techniques that I find I’m using everyday in my business. Thank you Diane!


CEO of SignMakers

Great sales session today! We will definitely get together again. Many thanks and the cheque is in the mail! (training topic: asking for your fees/money) Lol!


Klas Squared, Owner, Jewelry Designer

Had a Great time last night! Thanks to Diane Padoin for all her Very Hard work in making this event come together! It was incredible! Thanx Again for letting me get involved!


Let me tell you what I have been up to. How does 3-4 appmts/wk & closing at about 75% & average sale is at $2200, compared to 1-2 appmts/wk closing 50% & average sale at $1200. It is due to all the time we spent together. It was a true eye opener when you showed me how aware of my own percentages I am, even without having the actuals. Understanding that there are very different consumer perspectives, I am not as quick to make assumptions about the client. As you can see, I have turned the knowledge into greater success & more important, I am more confident with myself. Your greatest gift to me was self awareness. Thank you for all you do!


Company Name

Diane Padoin is an excellent sales trainer and coach, with extensive knowledge of her field and a warm, engaging personality. I have attended events that she facilitated and appreciated her professionalism and ability to engage participants. I would highly recommend her.


Co-Founder of Wooten & Sommers

Diane is an outgoing professional. I’ve seen her coordinate, facilitate and motivate groups of business owners. She has the innate ability to look at the big picture, enroll others in working the plan, and create win-win relationships.


Best-Selling Author | President, Excellerate Associates | Founder, Business Innovation Lab | Speaker: Human Wiring

Loved speaking at the event in Windsor, ON last night. Fabulous women with Diane Padoin at the helm. Now on to London.


Suttle Shifts, Professional Speaker, Success Coach, Best Selling Author

I had the pleasure of working for Diane at both her companies. Many things impressed me about working for Diane, but her work ethic, drive and ability to motivate and lead a team stands out the most. Diane brings a passion for excellence to all she does and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. I had no prior knowledge of the industry or trade shows, but Diane provided guidance and gave me the tools necessary to be successful. I greatly appreciated her open lines of communication, as well as her readiness to offer suggestions, constructive feedback, and ongoing training. Through her positive nature, she built a team of motivated, enthusiastic people who enjoyed their jobs and were as invested as she was in the products success. Diane has a great attitude and is very approachable- I thoroughly enjoyed working for her.


Director. Major Giving at London Health Sciences Foundation

Diane has many years of experience in sales and sales training. She is exceptional in her field! 


Keys to Emotional Freedom, EFT Practitioner

From the experienced sales person to beginner, Diane provides tips and easy-to-implement strategies that bring results.


Hip Mama Communications Company, Reg. Graphic Designer, Social Media and Promotional Practitioner

Had a wonderful time last night with the London Chapter with Executive Managing Director Diane Padoin and our guest speaker was my friend from Toronto Janet Rouss

Diane Padoin rocked it tonight. I am so honored to be part of this organization. Thank you for continuing to keep the caring and sharing culture. Live and Love in JOY.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight Rocked !! It was excellent Diane. I so look forward to being a part of the London Chapter. Hugs.